"The secret of patient care is caring for the patient."

Dr. Francis Peabody



Arthritis, Knee and Back Pain
For the last 9 months I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Richard Stillo and heartily recommend them to all my friends. When I first saw Richard I was suffering great pain from arthritis in both my knee and back, and a pinched nerve in my lower back. I was unable to perform simple tasks. Almost from the beginning of treatment my pain began to fade and my mobility improved. Thanks to Richard I have been able to meet my goals, I am 77 years old, I enjoy socializing with friends, living independently and performing necessary household chores on my own.


Back Pain and Shoulder Pain
Acupuncture with Dr. Richard Stillo has made such a positive difference in my life. I have suffered with back pain most of my adulthood due to inoperable scoliosis. In August, 2016, the pain was so severe that I was having trouble walking and going to work. After two different opinions from two orthopedic doctors, MRI’s, physical therapy, all kinds of pain medication and a lot of money spent, I thought there was no hope for me and since I was getting older (early 50’s), this was just something that I had to endure for the rest of my life. My sister begged me to go for acupuncture. Since nothing else worked, I decided to give it a try. After three visits with Dr. Stillo, I was back on my feet, back to work and pain free. It was like a miracle happened. Dr. Stillo has just recently treated me for shoulder pain that I was having for months. Again, after a few visits, I am now pain free. I highly recommend acupuncture with Dr. Stillo in their clean, comfortable and friendly office environment. For me, it is the best way to get long-lasting results.


Back Pain and Sciatica
My name is Jim I am 54 years old, I was in excruciating pain in my legs and had a very difficult time walking and sitting due to bulging and herniated discs in my back. It did not want to go down the path of pain killers, it was suggested I try acupuncture. I was very skeptical though willing to try it anything at that time. The pain in my legs we agonizing and even after the first treatment I finally felt some relief my legs. The pain gradually faded with time and with more treatments I am now pain free. This is a great alternate to drugs. Rich is just an outstanding person, extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend Rich to everyone.!!


Back Pain
The benefit of acupuncture is something I heard of throughout my life and never understood how it works. I thought it was a form of meditation and treatment would not benefit me. I have practiced and experienced the power of meditation for many years, but I was reluctant to try acupuncture. A friend in the medical field suggested I give it a try to help me resolve a chronic back problem. The past several years have left me frustrated with back pain. I’ve attempted everything I could outside of surgery to resolve the problem. For short periods of time I had some success, but ultimately the pain would return. This was very frustrating so I decided to follow my friend’s suggestion and try acupuncture. At first I was skeptical wondering how I could benefit from acupuncture. I always prefer to avoid medications and was open to any treatment option before considering more evasive solutions. The thought of not using medications with all the side effects and avoiding surgery motivated me. When I realized how completely safe the procedure was made acupuncture appealing to me. After some consideration I gave it a chance. I’m so grateful I made that decision.
I began treatment with Richard with an open mind and after several weeks I began to realize the benefit of acupuncture. Richards’ knowledge and technique was incredible and made me feel very comfortable. Soon my back pain began to disappear and I was encouraged by the results. I discovered the therapy was not only effective in my physical discomfort, but also in reducing my stress. Acupuncture is a powerful tool to create an alignment between my body, mind and Spirit and wellness. Acupuncture has no side effects and the benefits are incredible. I recommend everyone to have an open mind to experience the real benefit of acupuncture treatment.


I am a 55 year old female with Multiple Sclerosis. I tried acupuncture after a medical treatment caused a heart problem. This was 8 years ago. I have had good acupuncturists and not so good ones. Richard Stillo L.Ac. has been my acupuncturist since 2009. He has slowed the progression of my symptoms. My main concerns are problems with balance, dizziness, cognitive problems, headaches and visual disturbances. These symptoms had made it impossible to work or drive. He started using NAET treatment in 2013. Since treating with Richard I have been able to drive short distances, babysit my very young grand daughters, and last summer even tried riding a bike. My vision and balance has improved. Dizziness is sporadic but no longer a daily occurrence. My memory is also stable.
I have referred multiple friends and family to Richard for treatment of a variety of problems. Back injury, chemotherapy side effects, shoulder pain, knee pain, and symptoms following a stroke. I have received nothing but positive feedback from everyone.
I have told Richard and my family that “If it wasn’t for Richard and acupuncture I would have been in a wheelchair by now”. I honestly believe this to be true.
I had a flare-up of my MS symptoms about 2 months ago and called Richard for treatment instead of my neurologist. Did not want to be pumped up with IV Steroids. We treated 3 times a week and now have returned to my regular appointment schedule.
I will continue to use acupuncture as my primary treatment for the MS, and hope Richard continues to practice for a long time.



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