"The secret of patient care is caring for the patient."

Dr. Francis Peabody

Accupuncture Needles

Pain Management

Our Approach

We use a combination of palpation and muscle testing techniques to determine the specific location of pain.

Chinese Medicine principles are applied to treat the underlying causes of pain.   We also use Master Tung empirical points and Trigger Point therapy (acupuncture based on Western Medical science) to treat the symptoms of pain.  We use Motor Point therapy to compliment Trigger Point therapy.

Trigger Point (Travell and Simons) and Motor Point (Matt Callison)

Both of these techniques are based on Western Medical science to treat muscle pain.  They address excess muscle tension, and relieve the immediate source of pain.

The Pain Arc

The ancient Huato Jiaji Arc corresponds to the neural reflex arc in Western Medical science.  We treat the Huato points (located at the vertebral transverse process) at the level of the spinal nerve which innervates the agonist (injured) muscle, and the motor points of the agonist/antagonist muscles.  This acupuncture technique interrupts the pain signal between the brain and the spinal nerve roots.

The Result

Combining Chinese Medicine and Western Medical science results in a more complete and permanent approach to pain management.

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