Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Sandi. I am a 55 year old with Multiple Sclerosis. I tried acupuncture after a medical treatment caused a heart problem.  This was 8 years ago.  I have had good acupuncturists and not so good ones. Richard Stillo L.Ac. has been my acupuncturist for the past 5 years. He has slowed the progression of my symptoms. My main concerns are problems with balance, dizziness, cognitive problems, headaches and visual disturbances. These symptoms had made it impossible to work or drive. He started using NAET treatment about one year ago.  Since treating with Richard I have been able to drive short distances, babysit my very young grand daughters, and last summer even tried riding a bike.  My vision  and balance has improved. Dizziness is sporadic but no longer a daily occurrence. My memory is also stable.

I have referred multiple friends and family to Richard for treatment of a variety of problems. Back injury, chemotherapy side effects, shoulder pain, knee pain, and symptoms following a stroke. I have received nothing but positive feedback from everyone.

I have told Richard and my family that “If it wasn’t for Richard and acupuncture I would have been in a wheelchair by now”. I honestly believe this to be true.

I had a flare-up of my MS symptoms about 2 months ago and called Richard for treatment instead of my neurologist. Did not want to be pumped up with IV Steroids. We treated 3 times a week and now have returned to my regular appointment schedule.

I will continue to use acupuncture as my primary treatment for the MS, and  hope Richard continues to practice for a long time.

Arthritis, Knee and Back Pain

For the last 9 months I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Richard Stillo and heartily recommend them to all my friends.  When I first saw Richard I was suffering great pain from arthritis in both my knee and back and a pinched nerve in my lower back. I was unable to perform simple tasks. Almost from the beginning of treatment my pain began to fade and my mobility improved.
Thanks to Richard I have been able to meet my goals, I am 77 years old, I enjoy socializing with friends, living independently and performing necessary household chores on my own.                                                                             
Sincerely, Patricia