Other Services

Other Services

In addition to pain management and allergy elimination, we incorporate the following into our Acupuncture services.

Sports Medicine Acupuncture

Analyze and Restore Postural Alignment
Correct Muscle Imbalances
Treat Pain from Sports Injuries

Wellness Program

Monitor Blood Test Results
Balance Blood Chemistry
Test and Balance Hormone Levels
Balance pH
Test Iodine Levels
Monitor Nutrition
Prescribe Chinese Herb Formulas
Restore/Maintain General Wellness

Functional Blood Test Analysis

We analyze blood test results based on functional ranges versus lab reference ranges.  We correlate out-of-range markers with related markers to present a more balanced analysis.   Lab reference ranges are statistical averages of test results from a specific laboratory company.  They are NOT the values of what should a healthy person should be.   Functional ranges ARE what a healthy person should be.   By using functional ranges, a trend can be identified before it becomes a disease.   This is a much smarted, more balanced approached to analyzing blood test results.

Endocrine Dysfunction and Hormone Balancing

Blood and saliva tests results are integrated into the Chinese Medicine diagnosis, and underlying conditions are treated with both acupuncture and a bio-identical hormone supplements.

Nutrition Counseling

Blood and urine test results are used to determine an appropriate supplementation plan.  Urine and saliva pH test results are used to make diet choices that restore the Acid-Alkaline pH balance of the body.

Oncology Acupuncture

Completed Sloan Kettering’s course to treat cancer patients for the following side-effects of Western cancer treatment: nausea, vomiting, fatigue, pain management, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, hot flashes, and supporting the immune system.  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center uses acupuncture to treat cancer patients, both before and after Western cancer treatment.

In addition to the specialties listed above, we treat the following conditions with acupuncture: stress, anxiety, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, immune, urogenital, gynecological, psychological, integumentary (skin), neurological disorders, and addictions, etc.